I am a leading energy expert with a strong background in strategy, finance, and risk management. My energy experience stems from a career focused on the industry ranging from oil & gas to electricity to renewable energy. I have experience both within corporations and as a consultant advising corporations. My experience has taken me around the globe from the U.S. to Asia to Europe to Latin America.

I first became fascinated by financial markets in the early 1990s due to an article on Intel Corp. After high school, I went to Rice University to study math and mechanical engineering. During that time, I also played competitive club level ultimate frisbee where Rice qualified for the national championships and ultimately finished the season as a nationally ranked team. After college, I worked in the energy industry and also for private equity and venture capital. From there, I went to the Harvard Business School, where I deepened my knowledge about finance and investment management. I received an MBA with Distinction and was the recipient of the John L. Loeb Fellowship in Finance.

Professional experience
I am currently a management consultant working for Bridge Strategy Group on an array of energy issues with a special focus on renewable energy. I had previously worked for McKinsey & Company as well as pursuing several entrepreneurial endeavors. As I look to the future, I see a changing landscape in the energy industry that should prove challenging to many existing market participants ranging from electric utilities to oil and gas companies.

My approach to consulting is about bringing highly rigorous and analytical understanding of the critical business problems facing an organization to develop better approaches and strategies. However, this is also contrasted with building on understanding of the organization's unique culture and situation in order to ensure advocating the most pragmatic course of action. The theoretically best solution, if it can only be partially implemented, is not going to yield the best overall result.

My insights are further honed by my international experience. I've lived in Japan and worked extensively in Europe and Latin America. My personal travels have taken me around the globe. These experiences provide me with a broader perspective and deeper understanding of people and thus how organizations work.

Links to other information about me
My LinkedIn Profile - A synopsis of my professional and educational background. Please take a look and connect. I' always interested in talking to other professionals in the consulting and renewable energy space.

My Profile at Seeking Alpha - I blog for Seeking Alpha as a way to share my interest in finance and investing. (See me investing perspectives section for links to select articles). My approach is again reflective of my belief in detail analytics. I write about a range of industries. I also write articles in the context of select selects with a view to illustrate key concepts ranging from dividend reinvestment to valuation to portfolio management.

Twitter - I look to twitter to promote articles that contain insightful concepts or help clarify a key concept. Most of the articles, I tweet are focused on business; however, others touch on several other topics ranging from politics to technology to personal development.

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